George Fox (1624-1691) was troubled as a young man in northwest England by the church's emphasis on outward symbols: creeds, ranks, ornate buildings, elaborate sacraments. He asked for help which "could speak to my condition" but found none until, in a series of mystical experiences, he felt the immediate presence of God. George Fox identified an indwelling Spirit he knew to be universal, immortal, and accessible to all true seekers. This, Spirit, known by many names, led early Friends to travel broadly in the ministry. William Penn, John Woolman and Lucretia Mott were Friends of the Delaware Valley whose impact continues to affect government, economics, and interpersonal relations with the principles of honesty, equality, and compassion. For two centuries Quakerism was primarily practiced in Britain and North America. Now (while still numbering far less than 500,000), members span the globe in either pastored Friends Churches, or in Meetings based on the shared responsibility of the spiritual community, as is ours.

In the Atlantic City area, early colonial times saw Quaker settlers organize Friends Meetings at both Galloway (now Leeds Point/Smithville) and Egg Harbor (Somers Point/Linwood). By the mid-19th century, Atlantic City began to attract "summer people" and in 1872 a Meetinghouse was built at South Carolina and Pacific Avenues. While year-round meetings were held since before the 20th century, the status of Monthly Meeting dates from 1956. Sale of the Atlantic City property in 1985 led to our adding "Area" to the meeting name and moving to the present home in 1988.

Atlantic City Area Monthly Meeting
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Phone: 609 653 6217. Email: clerk@acamm.org.