Explanation of Meeting for Worship

Go in as soon as you are ready-there is no prearranged seating. Each person who enters the meeting room contributes to the spiritual seeking which is the purpose for our waiting in silence. The silent meeting for worship provides each participant the opportunity to seek that inner stillness where God may be experienced. While the Religious Society of Friends has no creed, we believe there is that of God in every person and that each of us can sense the Inner Light directly. An Inward Teacher makes known its intentions for us.

Within the "gathered meeting" a person may speak from the heart as directed by the Spirit. The sense of searching for God in the company of other seekers preserves the Meeting for Worship as a time apart from conversation. Each period of worship is unique; frequently the silence becomes eloquent and we are aware of a prevailing Presence. Children are important to the Meeting community, they are acquainted with the quiet and provided classes and activities as appropriate. Someone designated to "break meeting" shakes hands - usually after an hour - and everyone present is encouraged to greet those nearby with a handshake. Verbal greetings continue beyond the meeting, room as fellowship is deepened and as the concerns which grow from spiritual experience seek expression in our lives.

Atlantic City Area Monthly Meeting
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